Gram Parsons Talks Meeting Emmylou Harris

Chris happened to mention to me when I was there, he said, “You know we were in Washington a while back and I heard this chick singer. She’s nothing but a folk singer, but she could probably be developed into a really good country singer.” Well Chris didn’t know that she was from Birmingham, Alabama, and that she knew more about country music probably than both of us did.

I met her at the train station and she took me over to her house and we sat in the kitchen… I was thinking to myself “Okay, well let’s see if she can cut it or not.” So I thought of one of the hardest country duets i could think of to do, which was “That’s All It Took,” and she just sang like a bird, man. And I said, “Well that’s it,” and I sang with her the rest of the night and she just kept getting better and better. The more I looked at her… She’s got fantastic eye contact. She can sing anything that you’re doing in perfect harmony as long as you look at her. If you raise your eyebrows, if you’re going up on a note, she goes right up with you in perfect pitch. She’s beautiful. 

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