Photo: Will Oldham & Nick Cave

This shot was reportedly taken by Glen Hansard at 1999’s Liss Ard Festival, where Bonnie “Prince” Billy covered Bob Dylan’s “New Pony” with Nick Cave. Anyone have audio/video of this potentially awesome duet? In any event, here’s a bit ofbackstory:

Nick Cave and Will Oldham met at Lollapalooza 1994 and talked about music. Will recalls: “We then regularly played “New Pony” from Bob Dylan’s ‘Street-Legal’ album. The pattern of Jack The Ripper from Cave’s Henry’s Dream is based on that of “New Pony”, and he has some other songs which borrow extensively from ‘Street-Legal.’ Cave apparently saw one of our shows, came to me later on and said ‘Street-Legal’ was his favorite Dylan album. To which I said, “I Know” [Will grins].

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